Ingka Enyan
Peak state therapist

Ingka is the owner of Advance Consciousness, a coaching and therapy online service that offers, among others, methods developed by the Institute for the Study of Peak States. A therapist of long standing, she specializes in helping people to improve their relationships and live happier, more fulfilled lives by overcoming inner obstacles. Ingka is a member of the Institutes research staff, working towards making Peak States available for all of humanity.

She is Germany’s first Peak State Therapist with remote skills and loves to connect internationally with  clients who seek to improve life for themselves and others and enjoy taking an active role in their healing.

Ingka also teaches Basic Peak States Therapy classes for professional Therapists both online and in presence trainings internationally. You can really feel that she loves to share her knowledge and great experience. She delights in seeing her gift blossom in her students when they pass on that knowledge in their treatment of their clients.
Ingka is bilingual in German and English. Online-Sessions 1:1 via Skype or Zoom are available.

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" The benefits from Peak States Therapy have been really significant including healing attachment issues that were keeping me in a damaging relationship. For me having the Inner Peace state means I no longer get stuck in negative issues. Now I may be stressed for 24 hours when difficult and challenging events occur, but after that I’m back on an even keel. "
Gilli, London
Author & EFT​ practitioner